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Special Menus

Enjoy special menu of Warung Bambu Pemaron. Please make a reservation one day in advance for our special menu selections below:

Sea-Food Combination

Nice combination of fresh seafood. For example: grilled fish, squid, tuna curry, with garlic and Balinese sauce.

Duck “Betutu Style”

Typical Balinese recipe, steamed duck with traditional spices.

Rijsttafel ala Warung Bambu

Taste a lot of different Indonesian dishes in one meal. Served with yellow and white rice.

Romantic Buffet

A special buffet designed and lovely decorated just for two, will give you the opportunity to taste Balinese cuisine at its best. And if you are more than two, don’t worry, you can still have it!

Booking special menu at minimum one day in advance.